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Who We Are

Harel Mallac Technologies is a subsidiary of the Harel Mallac Group with a track record that spans more than twenty five years of riding the cusp of innovation and expertise in the realm of Information Technology. The new structure is a strategic consolidation that regroups the strengths of key business units namely Harel Mallac Technologies Ltd, Mauritius Computing Services, InfoSystems Business Technologies (IBT) in Madagascar and Orinux in Rwanda & Burundi. Harel Mallac Technologies is the leading player in different key technology segments both in its home market and in other specific countries on the African Continent.

Harel Mallac Technologies is a Mauritian-grown organisation that has developed a strong network of ICT specialists with nodes across the African continent. Through this network, Harel Mallac Technologies provides services to enable ICT in medium and large organisations for them to grow and improve their operations. By doing so it has a positive impact on the quality of life in the geographies in which it establishes itself.

As an inherently cosmopolitan company that is a reflection of the Mauritian cultural landscape, Harel Mallac Technologies is intuitively familiar with what it takes to achieve success through Ubuntu (Cooperative Development). This is the fruition of three decades of experience in bringing together various cultures, colours, technologies and industries from across the globe.

Our Mission

Deliver ICT enabling services to African companies and governments through international best practice and best local knowledge.

Our Value-Based Promises

We make information technology ACCESSIBLE to our clients by being relevant and reliable experts i.e. 

  • RELEVANT: we understand client’s sector, organization and its business strategy 
  • EXPERTS: we know ICT industry worldwide, its products, services, brands and supply chains.
  • RELIABLE: we enforce the highest operational standards    

We make our clients feel EMPOWERED to manage and achieve their dreams. 

We ensure that our clients are seen as LEADERS that are proud of their businesses.

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