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The Harel Mallac Group is a diversified conglomerate, involved in various key markets, which include Chemicals, Information Technology, Engineering, Business Process Outsourcing, Travel and Leisure, and Retail amongst others. In recent times, the Group has grown organically and through acquisitions.

Listed on the Stock Market of Mauritius since 1991, the Group enjoys a choice place among the leading companies in the country and has built key relations with its various stakeholders.

The Group is made up of nine Strategic Business Units as well as leading associate companies. By adhering to modern business practices, the Harel Mallac Group has been able to mitigate the effects of the global financial crisis.

Harel Mallac Technologies is a specialist IT solutions provider as well as a wholesaler of several prestigious brands of products while Harel Mallac Bureautique is a premier company in the office equipment and accessories market. Harel Mallac Outsourcing is involved in the development of tailored software packages and in BPO activites on a global basis. Harel Mallac Engineering sells a range of products that include construction equipment, stand-by generator sets, fork lift trucks, air compressors, garage equipment, lawncare equipment, air conditioners, bearings and agro-chemical products. Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry (MCFI) Limited is involved in the trade and distribution of fertilisers, Chemco Limited in chemicals and general goods and Archemics Limited in the commercialisation of cosmetics, detergents and adhesives. Harel Mallac Travel and Leisure is involved in the provision of high quality travel and cargo services. Compagnie des Magasins Populaires Limitée (Monoprix) has been present in the retail sector for over three decades.

Our main associate companies, Total Mauritius Ltd, Mauvilac Industries Ltd and Rehm Grinaker Construction Co. Ltd are among the leaders in their respective industries.